we believed it could have been a crashed speeder or environmental clutter

The Commander Bly texture is by Satti btw.


  1. For those who are unaware:


  2. This. Is. Amazing. lolol 😀

  3. EA: I prefer the real droideka (shows droideka)
    EA: I said the real droideka (shows crashed speeder)
    EA: PeRfEcTiOn

  4. Post this in the battlefront reddit

  5. Whoa, that environmental clutter mod is great!

  6. And the Youtuber of the Year Award goes to … DylanRocket

  7. They should’ve *rolled* with it.

  8. They updated their words. It was a droideka, but it was a stock unused model.

  9. Looks like one to me

  10. Damn so no crashed speeder bikes??! “This is outrageous, it’s unfair! How can you have a Crashed Speeder Bike in a official image and not add it!”

    Dice: Take a seat fanbase.

  11. i dont get this video you just played as a droideka for a minute?

  12. You are the best YouTuber in the whole universe

  13. u/F8RGE, you might like this one.

    also, where do i download this mod?! i want to play as a droideka instead of the crashed speeders i’m always playing as.

  14. Anything new to leak/datamine from battlefront 2

  15. check droidkea on wookieepedia
    you’re welcome

  16. Love how the shadow is still the droideka

  17. “It could be a crashed speeder or environmental clutter” lol

  18. It’s either a broken down speeder or environmental clutter!

  19. “Yes and you call them steamed speeders, despite the fact that they are obviously grilled DROIDIKAS.”
    -BF2 Community

    “Oh eh! Yeah see! One thing I should! Excuse me one second!”

    “No! Defeat is unacceptable! Lord Vader will not be pleased!”
    -BF2 Community

  20. The shadow is still a droideka, interesting

  21. This video was brought to you by EA

  22. Lmao this cheered me up big time! I barely could tell the difference to be honest, I understand dice now lmao

  23. Ok, this is epic

  24. Is there anything else to datamine? Anything new?

  25. “it’s a crashed ship or a wrecked speeder”

  26. Ah I get it, the shadow just looks like a Droideka, it was actually a speeder all along.

    It’s not like I’ve spent 20+ years buying Clone Wars related games and watching Clone Wars related content.

  27. ‘Master! Speeders!’

  28. They are no match for enviromental clutter!