Ayo ! Join me while i watch episode. 1

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  1. I think Gold Experience attacks with the same force that the opponent used to attack one of Giorno’s living things in the first place, regardless of how fatal it would be to that specific plant or animal.

  2. “Buccellati” is also a copyright thingy that CrunchyRoll wants to abide by, so…his name in official translations might stay as “Bucciarati”
    It’s pronounced much the same except with just an ‘r’ sound instead of an ‘L’ sound

  3. Most of the characters in Part 4 looked pretty different in the manga for a good portion. For instance, Brosuke and Brokuyasu started off with the old buff Part 3 style, then gradually deflated with the rest of the JoJoverse into being what you see now

  4. The reason why some of the names are different is because of copyright issues or just weird localization. If you want the names to be correct i recommend waiting for “some stuffs” subs, they fix all the name changes and make the dialogue better but you might have to wait a few days to get these subs. There’s also “Ventofisso” who only change the names and those subs might come out the same day as the anime.

  5. They changed it to Golden Wind for the same reason they changed Josuke stand name for copyright since they are basic off songs

  6. Just a bit of advice. If a spider jumps on you you probably shouldn’t freak out, they can sense fear.

  7. Rohan’s ability are so freaking broken.


  9. Translators can’t seem to decide if Bruno’s name is supposed to be spelled with R’s or L’s. I think it’s probably L’s since Buccellati is a type of Italian cookie and everyone is named after foods in part 5.

  10. Muda muda!

  11. but you were so close to part 7 ;-;

  12. Nice decision to drop the manga and catch it up with the anime. Let’s enjoy the hype train. Ep 1 was brutal tho!

  13. All this content should give your channel a nice revamp to make up for it being taken down before

  14. Jojo Fridays are back, feels good

  15. It’s Giogio szn!!!
    I’m glad you’re watching the anime, I thought you wouldn’t since you started the manga but let’s go!

  16. And yeah all of the stand names get changed in the English subs to avoid copyright claims since they’re all named after bands, albums, songs, etc. They’re going to get REALLY bad this season if the video games are any indication. Be glad you know what the real names are!

  17. i’d like to now in what order do I watch Jojo? Cuz there’s like the 2000 one, the 2012 one and an other one… Idk at all in what order to watch.

  18. Gold experience is a Prince album.


  20. finally lol

  21. 21:52