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Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo

Episode 2


  1. Fighting Gold might be the OP, but Giorno’s Gold when it’s fighting is equally OP.

  2. The fabulous poses, the mudas/oras, the nani and menacing, oh it feels good to be back

  3. My hero academia: I am the best anime of the year.

    Jojo: Hold my cup of piss.

  4. 3:22 This is dio’s son right there

  5. “I’ll definitely take advantage of this.”

    never uses it again

  6. I came for 3:41…

    And I came… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  7. That MUDA though. Damn that was good.

  8. Finally one without the shitty Amv music

  9. That punch looked even more painful than it did in the manga

  10. The animation really step up compared to the previous parts. Props to David Production.

  11. Ok, now I know why we had a two year hiatus.

  12. 3:04 to 3:12 Was unnecessarily fluently animated and I love it

  13. 3:41 Golden Experience is like “dude not in public”

  14. 4 minutes of pure Gold Experience. Thank you

  15. “But I’ll definitely be taking advantage of it” Narrator: “He didn’t”

  16. the music was glorious in this combat

  17. 0:12 A Certain scientist is very happy right now

  18. I want Bruno to lick me.

  19. [ZIPPER MAN]

  20. After hearing those Muda’s you know people are going to do something crude at the end of the Cioccolata arc

  21. Maybe the reason he can give life cause the hamon in Jonathan s body

  22. Golden Wind vs Zipper man

  23. Maybe we’ll finally understand how king crimson works.

  24. God damn, the animation, the music, the sound design! Its all so beautiful!

  25. 3:41
    *Guys he did it! He did THE THING*

  26. zipper man

  27. Mommy: All right Giorno say hi to “Mommy” !
    Giorno baby:M-M…
    Mommoy: Oh is he gonna say “Mommy” ?!
    Giorno: *MUDA*

  28. *Zipper Man*

  29. _zipperman_

  30. 1:14 He made his fathers DIO and JoJo very proud