This is everything you need to know.


  1. My channel is getting worse with each upload.

  2. I wish I had D4C to go to a dimension where this doesn´t exist

  3. Gyro didn’t die for this

  4. How did you get the anime adaptation of SBR?

  5. 0:08 – 0:20 I need a one hour version of that

  6. I have read the manga and I can confirm that this is the most accurate adaptation of steel ball run

  7. I… I mean… Your not wrong, but…

  8. Pretty accurate

  9. Diego and his friends

  10. I have no words xD

  11. This is actually funny

  12. Holly joestar -kira ……. Y jotaro …….


  13. soundcloud . com/yes-we-cant/branye
    Just in case anyone was looking for the audio.

  14. I genuinely love this

  15. *Is tHiS aMErIcA?*

  16. u missed the opportunity of using a red dead redemption reference

  17. This is why we need steel ball run.

  18. Everything else is mere filler

  19. Barney best character on part 7

  20. everyone literally hates me for my voice

  21. SBR Anime is looking GURETO…

  22. yeah that’s about right

  23. This is accurate to the story

  24. Wait im hearing electric it river?

  25. What is the song name homie

  26. subscr

  27. Gai