(Spoilers in the comment section as well)

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JoJo part 1-4 OST

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Disclaimer: This is just a parody of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. Don’t sue me.
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  1. I like to subscribe to dioyoumeme if you know what I mean

  2. I’m starting to suspect that Pucci might not be straight.

  3. If Gyro’s balls doesn’t get bigger in part 7 i’m unsubcribing.

  4. Stone Free’s afro is getting bigger

  5. You can say that Dio gave Pucci THE BONE, *if you know what I mean*

  6. “I don’t think this is how it goes in the manga”

  7. Wow Pucci uses the same password as mine

  8. Then I’ll consume the baby!
    The fu…
    Then I’ll attain heaven.

  9. 1:00 How could you, Pucci? Saying frick in a Christian sever? You should be expelled from the Church for that!!!!

  10. The password is : I like pissé

  11. I thought Jolyne would have “baby stand” on her arm also

  12. Hey if I’m already subscribed to DioYouMeme does that mean I’ve achieved Heaven already?

  13. How to start an episode:
    “Wow that’s a nice pair of hands.”

  14. _6/10_
    _The “Don’t forget to wear your panties.” part is skipped._

  15. Best episode ever, david productions really put a lot of effort on this.

  16. Part 4 – “I want you”
    Part 5 – “Freek’n’you”
    Part 6 – “You’re having my baby”

  17. I like how Pucci doesn’t curse because he’s a PG family friendly Priest

  18. I have been

    *D I S G U S T E D*

  19. damn pucci didn’t say no homo

  20. 0:15 actually in italian “Dio” means “god” so…

  21. Jolyne can only remember three pieces of information and she uses one of them to remember to subscribe to DioYouMeme.

  22. The printer scene LOL

  23. First, also I’m straight.

  24. I knew you couldn’t resist inserting “Subscribe to DioYouMeme” into the episode, but having t be the password for Green Baby was perfect

  25. wow, the first villain that wasn’t defeated in the first punch

  26. I’m learning so many terms for making old glory burst by watching this anime. Thanks David Pro!

  27. this is funnier than the last couple of videos,also where am i?

  28. I love how Stone Free’s afro is in the same vein as Giorno’s hats. Perpetually expanding.

  29. Wait, where am I?

  30. We definitely need a list of all Jolyne’s sexual innuendos in a comment section of the final episode.
    Upd. And Pucci’s ‘also I’m gay’ counter.