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  1. Sorbet and Gellato are lovers, not brothers

  2. “they’re twins” boy what, they’re gay

  3. The line where they said they were a couple literally went by right before you said they were twins, how did neither of you read that?

  4. How did y’all not so much as blink when you saw la squadra? I thought one of you read the manga

  5. That wasn’t the boss killing them it was cioccolatta and secco

  6. All of the fights from the Grateful Dead – GreenDay and Oasis were pretty dope tbh.

  7. I’m anime only, but seeing Ghiaccio reminded me of a drawing Kubo did of him several years ago. When JoJo had its 25th anniversary all of these mangaka drew a JoJo character. I know Kishimoto drew Giorno and I think Oda drew Jotaro.

  8. I love you two but bra they just said sobert and gelato were a couple how can you missed that

  9. God, I look good.

  10. Damn you didn’t realize that ghiacco has the same voice actor as Bakugou

  11. How unintelligent do you have to be to think Sorbet and Gelato are twins when they look nothing alike and it clearly states that they were lovers.

  12. Op of the season.

  13. The White Album fight was pretty good but I personally think the later fights were better.

  14. Trish wanting all kinds of fluids

  15. Trish: I’m thirsty
    Everyone watching: IM THIRSTY TOO

  16. Sorbet and Gelato are homiesexual

  17. If it matters to anyone here, Narancia is a dummy because his highest level of education was 5th grade.

  18. the white guy better stop telling spoilers to the black guy on the top :u

  19. That is quite the “useless” he has there

  20. Damn! How excellent voice actors of hit man team are!
    Formagio: Kazuma (kono su ba)
    Illuso: Jeremiah (Code geass: Lelouch the rebellion)
    Prosciutto: Ban (Seven deadly sins)
    Pesci: Gian (Doraemon)
    Melone: Kinji Toyama (Aria in the Scarlet Ammo)
    Ghiaccio: Accelerator (Toaru majutsu no index)
    Risotto: Japanese voice actor of James bond (007)

  21. The more and more I watch your reactions, the less and less I come to like them. This’ll probably be my last one, it was fun while it lasted I suppose.

  22. Honestly the White Album fight is like high key the greatest fight in the series.

  23. what’s the song at the end?

  24. Holy shit this episode was good

  25. Rip Sorbet and Gelato.

  26. My favorite fight is the trash man

  27. Trish delish

  28. Boss a pure savage