Anime – (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind Episode 10
Studio – David Production

#JoJoEpisode10#ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風#JojoPart5


  1. Oh my GOOOOOD

  2. sooo… he witness his lover being chop in front of him… man… that’s brutal.

  3. Soon Kakyoin will understand that there is a man in the mirror.

  4. Bakugo is ghiachio? Nice

  5. Ok so we got
    Carrot Head
    Vannila Ice rip off
    And devil fruit hair.

  6. 2:13 Oh hey, it’s Chocoboy.

  7. Metallic Boi vs Crimson boi


    Green Boi vs Pistol boi & Golden Boi

  8. La Squadra: best villain group in Jojo

  9. From all the fates in jojo, gelato and sorbet’s fate is by far one of the worst.

  10. Lol is that The Chocolate Man and his Assistant?

  11. Why is Bakugo in JoJo ?!

  12. I like how they didn’t quite mention that Sorbet died in the middle of being chopped up, since it was Cioccolata doing the chopping, and that he mentioned later that he knew how to amputate human body parts without killing the person, so Sorbet might has suffered through the entire process of being chopped


  14. Pesci the Goat

  15. Bakugo and midoriya are in this anime

  16. Happily gay couple gets brutally murdered

  17. Poor guy was turned into salami.

  18. I waited so long to see rice boi

  19. OH DEAR GOD, to think this could be happend to anyone in Bruno’s gang or just Giorno if they messed up is horrifying.

  20. nero best husbando

  21. *is dat a ghoul i smell*

  22. ペッシってしげちーみたいな声かと思ったらジャイアンはさすがに笑ったwww

  23. Kazuma , Bakugo , Sabin , Noctis , Giant and Sesshomaru received a package of a chopped up ice cream

  24. Risotto’s voice is so good

  25. ペッシはもっと高い声だと思った

  26. Fucking Cioccolata.

  27. I don’t like golden wind that much, everything is going on too fast

  28. I’m guessing the music in the background will probably be Diavolo’s main theme.

  29. Still waiting for that 7 page of MUDA

  30. Now Ciccolata is also a slasher