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Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風)

Episode 14:


  1. 4:13 Jesus Christ, that sound effect… Did he pull a muscle or something?

  2. Ever thought a pineapple-looking guy would be a gangster?

    Well yeah. That’s how mafia works

  3. 4:11 When you’re a die hard gangster and somebody says they don’t know how mafia works.

  4. The real main character of part 5 appears *PESCI*

  5. 4:13 that thicc neck

  6. 4:13 –> The Mammone’s Neck

  7. 3:41 Don’t mind me. Just a random turtle moving by.

  8. P bros bizarre adventure

  9. 0:31 Why does Araki love putting turtles in Jojo??

  10. PPs bizarre adventure

  11. 1:20 Awww I love how Prosciutto tries to cheer up Pesci.

  12. I felt Joe Pesci received unfair amount of hate in his Anime Planet page.

  13. Can’t wait for old man GioGio

  14. Did they change voice actor for pesci

  15. Guess it was a good thing Josuke healed that turtle. It went on to do great things…like being the key to a gangster’s mission

  16. A bit disappointing that we don’t get to see Prosciutto in complete shadows although they did show him and Nero so those reveals are gone.
    I hope they don’t reveal the boss the same way.

  17. Prosciutto sounds like Jotaro. Well, kinda.

  18. Pesci looks like an eternally threatened pickle.

  19. Aw Pesci cares about his teammates

  20. Goddamn even a pineapple wannabe is a gangster lmao

  21. I think we get to see beach boy or in copyright case Fisherman which one

  22. Bucciarati is a lvl 50 boss

  23. joseph is that you ?

  24. Pesci is perfection

  25. His so cool

  26. i love them

  27. please re upload the old compilations