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  1. Oh No! Giorno and his friends become Pillar Men!
    Yare Yare Daze!

  2. So, basically…


  3. It’s like this was supposed to be the only ending but they ran out of time and had to make that first one really quick.

  4. This ending is way better visuals wise imo. I especially like the ending where they’re on a stone carving

  5. 1:20 –> Look at what Abbacchio is watching…

  6. Finally, they have that “Araki touch” like the previous endings.

  7. 1:20 –> I wonder if it’s a Reference to the Rolling Stone’s Arc…

  8. Ok, so basically…

    This ending has the best visuals.

  9. Everybody needs to stfu about Gangster’s Paradise. There is literally nothing gangster about that song.

  10. I love how this ending resembles the Roundabout Ending

  11. Love how they kept the song.

  12. All of y’all wanting Gansters Paradise did this to yourselves. There was nothing said or done to imply that GP would be the ending song, other then the fact that it had ‘Gangster’ in it.

  13. Oh, hey, a new outro. Maybe they changed the song out for something more appropriate with how the latter half of the series goes. Maybe they finally got Gangsta’s Paradi-

  14. Man DP keeps suprises me with this out STANDing visuals .
    I don’t blame anyone for having a eye Boner .

  15. Why Fugo is there he is already gonna leave lol

  16. Everyone is a rock


  17. I think when Fugo leave gang instead will be spice girl (oh, my bad English)

  18. So is it gonna be like part 4 where we get only one ed?
    I’m okay with it actually

  19. *I N T E N S E N U T*

  20. Every time I close my eyes…


  21. How is it possible to perfect perfection?

  22. Drab and dark Sticky Fingers is my aesthetic tbh

  23. Oh boy, the main character arcs are done now, I can’t wait for a new OP!
    *20 minutes later*

  24. At least they’re not change ending song

    Now abbacchio feelin so horny..

  25. This song is decent idk why ppl hate on it, it also makes sense cuz Araki said he listened to a lot of RnB while writing part 5

  26. same song bleeeeh

  27. If/when they change to a new opening, it’ll be kinda weird not hearing Fighting Gold. Unless they keep it throughout.

  28. I was hoping for Coolio… ffs

  29. Play it at 0.75 and its like Vaporwave.

  30. Battle tendecy ending is that you ?