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Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風)

Episode 14: To draw Team Bucciarati out, Prosciutto summons his Stand The Grateful Dead and accelerates the aging of the train’s passengers, sweeping the wagons while Pesci stands guard near the driver’s cabin. Affected by the aging, the group discovers that ice can slow it down then sends out the relatively unaffected Mista out to fight the enemy.


  1. Props to the voice actors with their old people expressions.

  2. JoJo part 5 : Vento vecchio

  3. I, Giorno Giovanna, have a Rapid aging disease, that i know is a work of an enemy stand.

  4. Gladly that banana died out before Narancia would eat it. We all know what happened to Polpo

  5. Deku starts yelling at kids for playing on his lawn.

  6. Maybe…Joseph aged like a fine wine, after all. By comparison.

  7. I bet that turtle’s going to be French in the future.

  8. Everybody is freaking out at Narancia while Trish is like *surprised Pikachu face*

  9. _Poor Narancia, he couldn’t eat his_
    *_B A N A N A_*

  10. abbacchio became so old his lips have changed to a normal color

  11. 1:23 Narancia being calmed by those flowers is making me sad

  12. that baby broke my heart at the end


  14. *C O C O L A R G E*

  15. Become old

    Well Mista know what does his friends looks like in 50 years later

  16. *Anti Alessi*

  17. 2:45 En— Narancia the Hag.

  18. Old Experience

  19. 4:10 Nigthmare fuel

  20. There even posing in they’re sleep

  21. DIO stayed immortal and young for more than 100 years meanwhile his son becomes a grandpa on 15 years old

  22. Turtle is unconcerned

  23. This is what I mean by complicated stands in Vento Aureo. Interesting and high stake fights. His time limit is untill the ice melts, which seems to make for an interesting fight.

  24. 0:46

  25. Old nice.

  26. Holy shit, this is the first time I see narancia in animation. I thought he was a girl, now I know that his a dude, but why the hell most of the male characters of this season look like girls/woman and some times more beautiful? Than the female characters

  27. But the key is a part of the stand or the turtle can create room everywhere?

  28. Yo giorno giovanna tengo sueño