1. Probably gonna be like at ep 25 or something. Cuz theres just 2 more fights (after Grateful Dead) before the climax of the story

  2. Well look on the bright side, new ed

  3. Killer Queen is when this video went from good, to great

  4. New outro tho

  5. You just made my day LMAO

  6. Part 4 episode 14 have no op but part 5 did

  7. We got a new Outro though. Ey when’s the next stream?

  8. I hope it changes after bucharritiaita gets introducex

  9. well of course there isnt a new op it would be a waste to animate an op for just a couple episodes then make a new one

  10. Everytime I close my eyes

  11. Are you complaining

  12. Hey it’s me