Episode summary:
In 1890, a paraplegic ex-jockey meets a mysterious Italian man and joins the Steel Ball Run race, a race across America, in an attempt to learn more about the Italian man’s mysterious steel balls.

disclaimer: this is a parody of Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 7: steel ball run.


  1. **Cripple guy has joined the server**

  2. N I C E

  3. maybe johnny could walk if he subscribed to dioyoumeme

  4. My balls are made of P U R E steel after viewing this masterpiece.

    Also I love Bakugans

  5. I never clicked away from porn so fast

  6. I give this 3 balls out of 3.

    *If you Know what i mean*

  7. DioYouMeme keeping me from ending it all, can I get an amen? ❤️

  8. Yes finally the Pizza Mozzarella Boi

  9. 2 naked cowboys from ram ranch try to kill the united states president (also one of the cowboys is a cripple who can shoot his finger nails).

  10. Even after this part ends, we’ll still be getting BALLZ jokes, right Jo2uke?

  11. I bet gyro’s stand is gonna be one of those limited edition bakugan

  12. Nice… Oh wait, wrong universe

  13. After centuries, its finally here… the majestic adaptation of Steel ball run arc.

    This is going to be the pinnacle for anime for the rest of the millenium

  14. Hell yeah. Let the crippling depression begin

  15. Omg it is here

  16. God has entered the sever
    God has left the server
    Heart has entered server
    Skull has entered the server
    Arms have entered server
    Legs have entered server

  17. *yes*
    *Y E S*

  18. *_N I C E_*

  19. Why is Johnny feet so longs.

  20. Can’t wait for this leaked japanese adaptation of Brokeback Mountain

  21. I hope in the future episodes there’s a line like this
    Gyro: “there are so many bugs here and I’m getting so many bug bites. Johnny why do you have a boner?”

  22. first beyblade

    now bakugan

  23. Balls of Steel

  24. *Nyoho*

  25. Oh boi here we go

  26. Bakugans

  27. I bet when Part 8 is leaked when somebody says Nice, Gyro will say “Hey, that’s my line.” instead of Bruno.


  29. i give this 10 bakugans out of 10 beyblades

  30. I like how david production kept the universe continuity by having buccharati as cameo