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  1. The Turtles name is Coco Jumbo, his stand is named mr President. Fun fact, in the original run of part 5 he never had a proper name. It wasen’t untill 5 yesrs later wh6he was given the name Coco Jumbo and his stands name Mr President.

  2. The comment about the turtle is fine, it’s never revealed in anime.

    Also, it’s not focused on too much, but you can see that Abbachio’s hand was reattached by Sticky Fingers, you can see the little zipper line at the wrist.

  3. This is gunna be a long battle. I like to say this O/S of JoJo.

  4. In babies and children, the average body temperature ranges are said to be higher than adults. That lady outside was holding her son, and seemingly exposed to sunlight. They should cause her aging.

  5. About the turtle…
    Stand: Mr. President
    Stand User: Coco Jambo

    (Yaiyaiyai cocojambo yaiyaiyee…..)

  6. Thanks for the vid 😀

  7. *Grased do you monetize your reactions?*
    I’m also a reactor but i’m kind of afraid to activate it
    because i use screenshots from the episodes in my thumbnails.
    What do you think?