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  1. Pesci is cool

  2. やぁ(*´∇`)ノ

  3. This fight is amazing hotVoice actors are trying hard not to destroy the image

  4. Yo moin, u should consider checking out the first 3 episodes of boogiepop, it’s damn good!

  5. beach boy!!!!

  6. “It’s a good power but it’s not great”

    Ehehe we’ll see about that,Araki’s strength is turning mundane objects and situations into deadly tools and battles of wits ;p

    The name of the turtle is Coco Jumbo and his/her stand is Mr President

  7. Your hair style to change jouskes’ style.

  8. Prosciutto is called “Big Bro”.

  9. This fight is one of the best fights in part 5.

  10. Did you catch Buccellati’s zipper around Abbacchio’s wrist?

  11. 10:41 Lol

  12. Prosciutto aniki is one of my favorite characters in JOJO series.

  13. I can almost guarantee you that the ending song wont change until after Ghiaccio. You manga readers know EXACTLY why.


  15. “When we think of the word kill, the deed is already done.” Prosciutto is one of my favorite minor antagonists in the series. he’s as classy as he’s badass.”

  16. I love how you specifically pointed out the fact that the train is moving cause, having read the manga, boyy that sure gave me the chills

  17. Prosciutto’s stand: The Grateful dead
    Pesci’s stand: Beach boy’s
    Coco Jumbo’s stand (The turtle): Mr president

  18. Beach Boy, Grateful Dead and Coco Jumbo

  19. Fun fact, in the original run of part 5 the turtle never had a name. It wasen’t untill a data book 5 years later in a data book that it was given the name Coco Jumbo and his stands name Mr President. They’ll probably still keep calling it the turtle tho.

  20. I’m really sorry for being THAT fucking guy, but grateful dead is misspelled in the thumbnail. But that goes to show just how pathetic my life is that I feel the need to comment on it.

    Anyway, really excited for this arc, one of my favorite fights for sure!

  21. this ability is confusing af so all women on the train are unaffected (i think) but we saw a women with her child also age fast

  22. Prosciutto anikiiiii

  23. this arc is awesome!

  24. Buccarati attached his hand back on with Sticky Fingers. In the manga, Araki made Abbachio go on some tangent about how some real life incident happened where a race car driver got his hand severed off in a crash and then reattached within 30 minutes so Abbachio getting his hand back is realistic, but thankfully they cut it out in the anime.

  25. You forgot Jonathan! He had Erina as his girlfriend/wife. =P

  26. I just finished playing Resident Evil 2 demo
    “That looks like a Resident Evil key!*


  27. This fight is amazing.