From episode 16 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders


  1. I can see now why Dio recruited him. To think, a person _with 2 Stands!_ Steely Dan is too strong.

  2. All of that and he never even gets to eat them.

  3. The dub for the laughs are fucking golden XD

  4. Not only can he guide the armies of Ylisse immaculately, but his knowledge on the barter game rivals even Anna.

  5. Top 10 anime battles

  6. Oh god I cant wait till we get to see Steely Dan’s beat down next week

  7. Imagine buying 5 kebabs for $1.50

  8. Stand name: *Get Money*
    Stand user: *Kebab Vendor*

  9. Best fight in Jojo, though Diego vs Coffee Mug kinda rivals it.

  10. JoJo’s Bizarre Travel Tips

  11. Joseph Joestar finessed before finessin’ was even a thing.

  12. JoJo’s Bazaar Adventure

  13. My dad is moroccan and he fucking does that in garage sales making me think he was exagerating but is the same thing here

  14. I thought the narrator got beat up a few weeks ago……?

  15. Top ten not anime battles

  16. Who’d knew that this series can be so informative and educational. XD

  17. Good God, this scene is so dumb it had me laughing out loud! The last time I saw something this devoid of logic was back when Devo was introduced!
    1. How long has he been running that kebab stand?
    2. How lucky is it for him that our heroes just happened to decide to stop and buy food at his place?
    3. Did he originally have his kebab stand set up someplace else, saw they were going in a different direction, and had to quickly set up shop at a spot they would pass by?
    4. How long has he been in this town?
    5. Is this his hometown?
    6. Enya said she sent out assassins to kill the Joestar crew, did he just plan to stay in this town and hope that by some random chance they would randomly wander into town?
    7. Why did he feel the need to disguise himself? The crew doesn’t know who he is, Enya is the only who could and she seemed to see through it automatically.

  18. Jojo’s Bazaar Adventure.

  19. I don’t know why it this voice feels very fitting

  20. 1:59 Adios, Asshole

  21. Bruh said his wife and seven children!

  22. Oh boy, we in for some real good stuff.

  23. What a tough battle!!

  24. American man buys kebabs in the middle East with Japanese currency

  25. Can you upload Dan taunting Jotaro? You know, when he shows Jotaro his chest and hits him with a rock! X’D

  26. Steely Dan is fuckin bae

  27. *the 20 second beatdown is soon boys*

  28. So…this is true….wow.

  29. Vendor wins! HAGGALITY!

  30. This is hilarious!