I don’t think Hirohiko Araki likes dog’s very much..


Happy holidays everyone 😀

CLAMP in Wonderland was still better than Corey in the House tho


  1. oooooooooooohhh nooooooooooo the vid its over :,c

  2. “I don’t want to live anymore”
    “Knowing that one of my sons made an egg”

    You mean your grand son?

  3. Now thats edgy

  4. Delet this

  5. Joseph’s last words probably *would* be “lmaooooo”

  6. The anine at the beggining…
    It’s a joke or is it real?

  7. I’m gonna need more tequila now.

  8. Morty wants to die now

  9. 1:53 WTF??


  11. Joseph: *Tell your mum.. I saidd…Lmaooooo…*

  12. Did you lay this egg, Morty?

  13. Spicy vid

  14. this is not even funny

  15. Lol that pig scene it was the start of all pollnareff’s bad bathroom experiences

  16. You have an IQ of 300 just for making this

  17. Good shit

  18. This man really hates dogs.

  19. Araki hates doggos

  20. Here’s a new subscriber

  21. Like…why does everyone hate the egg child? Like, why?

  22. There’s no god

  23. *K A K Y O I N D I D Y O U L A Y*
    *T H I S E G G*

  24. Josuke: I want an egg.
    Now that’s manly

  25. Hirohiko Araki surely hates dogs.

  26. no

  27. “their is no god”

  28. I want a egg LOL

  29. I get a Nintendo switch today for Christmas and I get to see this funny shit!? THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE

  30. the “laid egg” arc sounds real good