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  1. Holy Wars….The Punishment Due -Megadeth

  2. Rock music (especially metal) has some deep as fuck lyrics.

    Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name
    Metallica – One
    Megadeth – Holy Wars
    System of a Down – Prison Song

  3. Fun Reactions-Good to See you Having Fun -The songs lyrics are Mainly about Governments sending citizens to war and creating wars-It was done in 1970 -the time of the Vietnam War-3 Songs on this Album -Paranoid are about War from Different Aspects-Cheers ffrom Sydney Australia

  4. The metal reactions brought me here. I always dig people being exposed to new music…
    Check out Rage Against the Machine for something that has a rock and hip hop mix…
    Also, check out IamtherealAK. He’s nothing but fire for hip hop.

  5. I’m loving your guys reaction. Black Sabbath was a very political band during their time.

  6. Bruh on the left, I didn’t catch for name but it looks to me like Sabbath catching on ya. This music speaks man, my favorite band of all time.

  7. This is pretty much about the Vietnam War. The 4 dudes in Black Sabbath were young and worried that they might get called to fight in the war, which they didn’t believe in.

    A couple of decades before Rodney King, but the lyrics can be applied to fit different situations.

  8. love that you guys are appreciating the lyrics ….most metal bands have lyrics with alot of substance .
    this song was written in the early 70s and its about war, the lyrics could still apply to todays goverment . subbed

  9. I cant believe you taught me something about black Sabbath…….shout out to ozzy ozburnnnnnn !!!!!

  10. Listen to literally anything by Rage Against the Machine

  11. GOJIRA stranded is most.

  12. This song is about the government and how they use the people as chess pieces for their own personal gain. has nothing to do with police. the police are just a tool they use, same as the military. if you listen closely and pay attention the song clearly explains that. great reaction though guys.

  13. Try some Rage Against the Machine

  14. Ohhh god, your reactions are the best

  15. Listen to some Jimi Hendrix.

  16. Guys is not about the police but would love to puff w u guys! Try Judas Priest Painkiller

  17. But do u like the music!?

  18. But love ur reaction!

  19. Nope about Vietnam bros!

  20. Nothing to do with police at all. Its about POLITICIANS starting wars and sending people off to kill each other while they sit back and get rich.

  21. Reading a little too much into it, it’s just about war. A typical anti-war song written during the Vietnam era.

  22. They’re referring to poor people joining the Army and what not and fighting the wars the politicians start. Simples.

  23. listen to Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine

  24. It is a war protest song dang it!

  25. Try Iron Maiden’s “fear of the dark” or “hollowed be thy name”