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  1. go ahead Mr. jouusturrr

  2. Yeah, this is one of the best stand battles in Part 3, imo. It’s pretty unorthodox. And Joseph losing in a battle of wits is just a way to hype up the villain this time around. We all knew Polnareff would be dumb, but if Joseph gets out-cheated at his own game, that’s when shit gets real.

  3. Your gonna love this two parter.

  4. Next Episode will feature:
    A Card game, in Egypt, with souls at stake.

    YESSS!! My favorite JoJo battle of all time. So hyped for next episode.

  6. Yeah.. as a fan of Kakegurui, you can see why t his might be my favorite fight.

  7. That, right there. That’s why I adore Stands so much. Wanna see two guys punch each other to death? We got that! Wanna see two people doing pretty mundane things in epic ways? We got that too? Wanna see two people engaged in a battle of pure wits that can’t always be resolved with punches? We sure as Hell got that! This really drives home how creative Stand Battles can be.

    Araki struggled –tons and tons– a little with them for a good chunk of Part Three, but this is where he really gets comfortable with them.

    And D’Arby. Good old, wonderful D’Arby. Just look at him; he *knows* he has a chance to lose, even with all the tricks up his sleeve. He’s legitimately into it for the thrill of “Will I win or lose?”. And he’s completely honest about being a total cheating jerk! Sod it all, I love the man!

    Also, his voice is golden. *shivers* So guddo… It’s like imported silk…