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SO OK WOW, its been a while since we did this!!! Literally since 2015. Me (ignore my stupid sounding voice lol) and YellowMan05 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkW2IvEuwjl1dAVbEhUFvlw/featured) review all the Jojos (up to Part 6 since that’s how far I have gotten lol) and some other characters!! I hope you enjoy 😀 THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUBS AND CONTINUED SUPPORT 💖 Sorry for not uploading much lately, its not because I’m being withholding, I just genuinely don’t know what to upload?? Any ideas in the comments would be appreciated 😀 School also keeps me busy too, so thats fun. Also…… I didn’t get a good thumbnail, grrrrr, but I’m not angry about it lol…..

Audio: Funny Bone (Copyright Free music) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoPfCriKrcY)
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  2. “he did not go on the right path”

  3. I have never watched or read jjba in my life but this was very fun and pure quality content

  4. Now I can die knowing that I’ve heard Nonsense-senpai’s lovely voice.

  5. the youngest child that did really well no bias at all i cried in the club in the class

  6. O, welcome back

  7. I WAS JUST REMEMBERING THE FREE! ONE AND THEN YOU UPLOAD THIS #psychick humorous as usual mr. some kid

  8. alksdjfaSLDKHGSDHLKGHKDHFG I LOVED THIS!!!! he was so right on some of them kinda?? i can’t believe he doesn’t trust jonathan though……. you should do this with him with oso san. or do like a…. ‘explain what’s happening in the screencap’ kind of thing and just. i want to see his reactions.

    also you should have asked him if he thinks koichi likes feet.

  9. *thot slayer dio*