You can get it here:

The original version is more visually impressive,featuring cool uses of zoom,but only works in 1.1 and IKEMEN,you can get it here:


  1. finally someone made it

  2. Holy shit, I came, like I did for the Smash for Switch announcement

  3. Johnny joestar cool but it doesnt have stand sprites only act 3

  4. Wow that ultimate move does shit damage

  5. *Sees original spritework with a unique style*
    *E J A C K U L A C K LE S*

  6. With mod chars like this…
    Who needs ASB?

  7. Such a cool char, now almost all the Joestar has been made, we need Jolyne :'(

  8. That animation is like hftf joseph/kakyoin level good

  9. This is basically one of the best Jojo characters up to date. Really fateful to the All Star Battle.

  10. Could you drop a mediafire link for those who can’t access mugenarchive? they’re annoying

  11. Now jolyne and gyro


  13. these animations are the fucking fluid. top notch! this is so fantastic holyyyyyy!

  14. Didn’t expect dis

  15. Act 4 isn’t usable other than the super? It said act 4 at top screen so I assumed it was but you didn’t continue. Huh


  17. This is so cool

  18. Now I have to go update my ultimate jojo mugen.

  19. How can I fix this? It happens when you do the ORAORA thing when the enemy is just affected by any bullet/nail.

  20. Hore sheet!!! DIs CHARACTER IS GOOD Shit definitly gonna download it

  21. What happen with their legs? Are they have disabilities or something?

  22. Good to see quality JoJo Mugen fighters are still being made.

  23. Nice

  24. 1:36

  25. Man act 4 should have a damage over time on the enemy, either way its still awesome

  26. This one is amazing

  27. This is cool and all, but I still don’t know where to get mugen.

  28. God is real

  29. Finally!

  30. what about the movelist?