Enter Jotaro Joestar the wannabe edgelord of swag and style! Can he deliver!? Can he STAND up to the expectations from Part 2?? Haha loving Part 3 so far! Great first episode!

We’ll be watching this show every Saturday until we’ve caught up!

As always leave us your thoughts in the comments, we’d love to talk about the show with you!

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  1. So I guess they’re gonna stick to 1 episode per week huh? That’s gonna make the first half of SC feel like a slog…I hope they’ll make an exception for at least that

  2. ‘The writer’s ability to put a new SPIN on powers’
    Okay there’s no way that’s accidental.

  3. 38:08 – 38:25 Holy shit, Caleb.

  4. Welcome to Jojo part 3, Stardust Crusaders! Here’s a fun fact, Jotaro & Erwin Smith shares the same Japanese VA, Daisuke Ono who’s also a huge Jojo fan. 😀

  5. Oh the 3D you noticed is a 3D tracking shot with 2D animation over it. I still think it looks pretty good, they played up those effects, especially in the first episode.
    And if you’ve ever played/heard of the Persona series, Persona’s are influenced by Stands. You could also say certain powers from shows like Naruto/HxH are influenced from Stands and helped shonen show powers deviate from people fighting with their fists to people fighting by some other ‘magical’ means.

  6. Kay guys now you can start watching 2 a week PLEASE

  7. Also keep in mind that this story is now 31 years old now


  9. “Hey Araki, watcha doin’?”
    “Oh, nothing; Just inventing the coolest power system in manga”

  10. Another very notable instance of something being inspired by Stands is the Persona series.

  11. This is outrageous, the subs read “Dio” instead of “DIO”.

  12. The meme, the legend, Part 3 is here to stay for a while.

    *Let’s go!*

  13. During the discussion of the previous episode:

    Jacob: Do you think they will change the power system?
    Caleb: No no no


  14. Good ol’ Star Platinum getting all of that stuff… with his range of only 2 meters… oh Araki-sensei.

  15. I’m just going to say that this is the Arc where the title of show is by far the most appropriate (until part 7).

    Let the Bro-Jo begin!

  16. Ah, yes, the Stand abilities, here we go. This is a bit harder to underSTAND, but when you do, you realize that this power sistem was Made in Heaven. Sure, at first the awesomeness puts you at risk of a Sheer Heart Attack, but after a while this turns in a true Gold Experience.

  17. Actually, Stands aren’t related to Hamon, it’s never outright stated, but the mangaka decided shortly after introducing them that Stands and Hamon are different things entirely

  18. You guys really want hamon to be a thing .thats cute…it wont happen not for a while

  19. “The funny stands, we won’t take seriously…” Okay, maybe they don’t always get everything right.

  20. Times like this, I really wish you guys would do at least 2 episode per week. The wait to see your reactions is unbearable.

  21. I think they’re pretty spot on with Jotaro’s character. He’s probably more intelligent than Joseph was in Part 2, but Joseph’s quick thinking and improvising skills are superior to Jotaro’s. Although Jotaro definitely has his moments.

  22. 1 episode a week just won’t be good. Many two parters here, SC is a lot longer than the previous parts… it’ll be REALLY slow this way.

  23. Now the question is:

    How long will it take them to figure out what DIO’s stand is?

  24. If it’s gonna be one episode a week it will take about 47 more weeks until you finish. I really recommend for you to watch 2-3 episodes a week.


  26. 2 eps per week please !! 🙁

  27. Can’t you guys watch jojo at least 2 times in a week

  28. Part 3? Hope u like it cuz ur gonna be watching it for a year

  29. Are you really not going to switch to 2 episodes per week? Most of Part 3 is divided into two-parters, so that’s not the best choice to be made.

  30. Sos: *starts part 3*

    Me: *yes yes yes*