BGM: Hit’s FighterZ Theme, Voodoo Kingdom


  1. hey this isnt about soul’d out, unsubbed!

  2. When is beauty of Hermes Costello

  3. Magenta Magenta

    P U R P L E P U R P L E

  4. Magenta Magenta gonna be fished out of the bay and be Jojolion’s true main antagonist. Wekapipo released a monster on the world

  5. Gilbert Gottfried to voice Magenta in SBR english dub

  6. I want his hat.

  7. Meti’s uncle is biesexual.

  8. This Video Should Be Seen Underwater For the TRUE Magenta Magenta Experience

  9. So, Zipperfag has the link of the video before it is released so he can comment on it earlier… Or maybe, Meti IS Zipperfag (but I don’t believe this is the truth)

  10. magenta magenta is good because hes a part 7 character case closed

  11. Fun fact: Magenta Magenta fell in that lake in 1890, the 19th century, and Jojolion takes place in 2011. Even if he gets rescued and comes back in Jojolion, he’d never get to be a 20th century boy.


  13. If I hear the word Magenta one more time I’m gonna mudda mudda a child.

  14. Holy shit that guy sounds like Filthy Frank

  15. I have an idea for a stand.
    [Castor & Pollux] (Kaasuta ando Porakksu) one stand, stand cry: Burai-ra-ra-rai, user: Dskye. One half is Castor which can be remote controlled with high durability and has the ability to talk at the cost of precision, speed and strength. Any damage down to Castor will result in damage to left side of user. Has the ability to slow time for ten secs (1sec=1/6sec) and give people any ability it shares with Pollux. Other half is Pollux which has Star Platinum level precision and strength at the cost of range and durability. Any damage done to Pollux will result in right side of user. Has the ability to steal stand abilities as well as speed up time for ten secs (1sec=60secs).
    User cannot summon them at the same time.
    Stats Castor:
    Destructive Power: C
    Speed: C (A in Slow world)
    Range: A
    Durability: A
    Precision: C
    Learning: A
    Stats Pollux:
    Destructive Power: A
    Speed: B (S in Fast world)
    Range: E
    Durability: E
    Precision: A
    Learning: A
    Appearance: Both are similar in height and build to Dskye (5’5 and lean) and both have the appearance to wearing suits with Castor being full white with a black stripe on left arm and Pollux being full black with a white stripe on right arm. Castor has a full face with the appearance of Dskye and Pollux has a face but with no mouth or nose and eyes like the Hand.

  16. Man, I hated how magenta magenta was “killed off”. He totally didn’t deserve to be kars-ified

  17. I still say magenta magenta sounds like bobcat goldway

  18. What if Magenta Magenta actually managed to survive until present day after the rive he was trapped in had completely dried out, and is going to make an appearance in part 8? That would be crazy, but I doubt it would happen.

  19. I don’t know anyone else thought that the Magenta Magenta voice sounded like someone doing a bad Danny Devito impression, which kind of fits Magenta Magenta.

  20. Magenta Magenta did nothing wrong, he just wanted a bro!!!!

  21. I literally forgot Magenta Magenta existed. As well as the Tubular Bells user. They ain’t that memorable.

  22. actually the three primary colors are red, yellow,and blue while magenta is intermidite color or secondary

  23. The wait for part 5. Any longer and we raid araki’s

  24. Yo you guys mind hooking me up with the intro name? Thanks


  26. Zipperfag has 666 subs, I made it 667


  28. And then Magenta Magenta awakens on 2020, lol

  29. #MagentaMagentaDidNothingWrong

  30. Dang it. I saw your tweet avout voicing his lines and was about to do it but i saw you picked someone else FeelsBadMan. As usual another great video.