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  1. Thank god the Nazis are here! And Smokey from New York!

  2. Yet another very entertaining reaction. I hope you are enjoying Jojo!

  3. Could you watch tokyo ravens sometime or have you watched it already?
    And thanks for your content!

  4. You know… I’m sitting here, trying to shed a tear at Wham’s death… and then he shoots his own severed head with a medieval weapon. So now I’m eternally stuck in this emotional Limbo; I neither cry nor laugh, and yet I do both.
    Also, JoJo… Stop making me cheer for Nazis. It just gets harder to explain you to others…

  5. Wamu TT__TT

  6. oh i’ve seen you multiple times in PMMM reactions and other psychological animes’ reactions’ comments, but i didnt know you did reactions yourself as well… it’s time to look for some of your vids 😛