I love this stand design.
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  1. If I had Heaven’s Door, I would write “I no longer want to slack off, and do as much work as I can”

  2. *heaven’s door can take over ZA WARUDO


  4. I always thought a reverse of heavens door would be cool. Like turning people and objects into drawings that can be changed into anything all depending on the users imagination.

  5. Who would win:

    A Stand user with the power to alter the rules of reality
    One mad pompadour boi?

  6. We can all agree that Rohan has used Heaven’s Door on Kaleb to make him a fanatic of the Rohan OVAs so that we would watch and read more Rohan.

  7. Boi, if you don’t sit yo crazy, Rohan-loving self down somewhere right now…

  8. So what you’re saying is that Rohan could take over the world if he wanted to, _BUT HE REFUSED!_

  9. I always found it interesting that heavens door has the heaven moniker despite appearing to be a normal stand. It fits with his ability as most heaven tier stands have the ability to alter reality just like he does. It almost makes you wonder was is it about Rohan that let him manifest such a powerful ability from the get go.

  10. Film Theory: Did Rohan use his stand to manipulate DP?

  11. Heavens door is actually the best healer stand if you think about it. Much better than crazy diamond or gold experience. Just write on your friends “I will now be fully healed” or “I will never be damaged by other stands or people ever again” and boom everyone’s safe forever.
    Rohan saves the entire planet arc when?

  12. If I had Heaven’s Door I would write, _”Can do anything Perfectly with No Difficulty”_

  13. I would use heaven’s door to get part 5 made

  14. or :
    take someone
    take control of them (or don’t if they are a very reliable friend)
    write on them they have heaven’s door
    make them write on you that you can use heaven’s door to read and write on yourself
    give yourself heaven’s door requiem over heaven or whatever
    you win

  15. Kaleb, can you upload more My Hero? Shit went down last episode and I want to hear your thoughts on it.

  16. Welp don’t see the video yet but he can write “Kira Yoshigake will die in 1 second” or even “Kira Yoshikage can’t use his stand”, erase the stand of the user just by erasing the line where the stand is”

  17. Heaven’s Door is my #1 favorite stand of all time. Imagine if it existed in real life: (Turns the planet into a book and writes “I will expel all of the excess greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and into space.)

  18. Araki loves Rohan so of course his stand is broken.

  19. Butterfly in the skyyyyy~
    I can go twice as hiiiiigh~
    Take a look
    Its in a book

  20. Rohan Kishibe as a Mortal Kombat 11 guest character
    Fatality 1: writes that the victim will smash their head onto the ground until their head explodes.
    Fatality 2: writes that the victim will cover them-self in gasoline and light them-self on fire.

  21. I saw the thumbnail and was like


  22. Dafuq? I thought Rohan only could use it on other people. Where does it say that he can write in himself???

  23. Now the real question what stand can beat Heavens Doa?

  24. The Rohan OVAs have priority over Vento Aureo because he used Heaven’s Door to make them animate his episodes instead.

  25. I think *[The Heavens Door]* is reason why we are getting Rohans Ova instead of Vento Aureo Anime.

  26. Gucci Bag STANDO POWAH!

  27. I will say this one more time:
    Rohan > JoJo:
    Change my mind.

  28. Heaven’s Door confirmed for smash

  29. Is that the first yu yu hakusho opening playing during the video?