Ultimate Kars, a being we had lost to time and Joseph Joestar.
Here’s his return and him running the gauntlet against the JoJoverse.
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  1. “What about Superfly”: https://twitter.com/Kaleb_IA/status/992874877630623744

    “Where’s Alessi/Sethan”: Put the two against each other and the time that Alessi needs to call out Sethan and use it against
    Kars is a long longer than the time it takes for Kars to blitz him and end it.

    The Grateful Dead: “He will never grow old.”

  2. Jotaro would beat him because they have the same stand

  3. The fabulous levels would increase by 1000%.

    Kars is named after The Cars
    Meanwhile Spedwagon is named after Reo Speedwagon which was called after Reo Speedwagon motor company which was producing trucks.
    Car is faster than a truck but truck is more durable and has bigger mass and thus is more suitable at disghing out damage.
    So even if Kars would get close enough to land a punch on *SPEEDWAGON* ,he would get overhelmed by sheer strenght and precision of *SPEEDWAGON* .
    On musical side of things : Cars-formed in 1976 and disbanded in 1988
    Reo Speedwagon-formed in 1967 and still standing strong.
    Thus *SPEEDWAGON* wins.

  5. Wait,can *[ZA AMBULANCE]* negate Kars ?

  6. 36 Kars on mars

  7. I love your vids but stop sleeping on my boy Okuyasu. Josuke would’ve been taken out if not for him

  8. Aren’t 2:03 and 2:19 litteraly the same sentence?

  9. Gold experience requiem. Thats it.

  10. if Kars is so good, why isn’t there a Kars 2?

  11. The fact that you say you haven’t made a Kars video THIS YEAR hit me super hard
    I enjoy these videos though so keep the Kars coming!

  12. Where’s Speedwagon? Or is he to busted to face Kars and you wanted to give Kars a chance?

  13. would Alessi”s stand have an effect on Kars? just curious if it would work or not.

  14. I’m pretty sure when you hear about a fabulous Aztec vampire god wrecking stand users in your town and disrupting your quiet life, you’d go for the offensive right away
    Also Superfly

  15. *hears background music*
    Well Looker what we got here

  16. Could Soft and Wet steal his immortality ?

  17. A stand user that could beat Kars? Easy, it’s Alessi(I think that’s his name), he can make Kars younger, Jotaro lost his stand, so Kars would lose the Ultimate life form transformation

  18. I’m guess y’all have never read that doujinshi where Kars lands in Japari Park and plays with Kemono friends

  19. Green Green Grass of Home, The Green Baby’s stand, can defeat him. Kars can’t reach him to attack it and the stand can just shrink him until the power difference is enough to turn Kars to mush or just shrink him out of existence

  20. Could King Crimson not work?

  21. Couldn’t kars lower his body temperature and get away from SHA

  22. If humans and vampires can be stand users, doesn’t that mean that kars would have one?If cars returned probably he would be the prefect stand user.

  23. Does this have any spoilers or characters from stuff past part 4?

  24. 1:56 2:11
    Seriously tho, great video.

  25. 1:06 hey Kaleb, watch your PrOFaNitY

  26. kars is just a 12 year old in minecraft with creative mode on

  27. I created a whole new part where a descended of DIO fought against Kars, which was used by the military with a stand arrow and turned into a stand user, this version of Kars is actually weaker than ultimate Kars, the reason is that him not thinking for almost a century made him lost knowledge on how to use some of his abilities. His stand looks like a golem and has abilities that deal with black holes ( it being a golem represents the duality between the powers Ultimate Kars has, dealing with animals and the rock that the golems are made out off, and it controlling black holes represents Kars being in Space).

  28. >>He forgot Alessi…