This might be too early, but I think I already love this show!


  1. Get more mods for this series lots of people will spoil. So u can fully enjoy this wild series.

  2. Love the fact that you do different types of shows thank you

  3. “Dio is the villain. ”

    Good thing we clear that up.

  4. Just finished the FMA video you put out. Really glad you’re getting into Jojo have a good time.(Currently on Part 6)

  5. ah, my favorite anime/manga! welcome to the fanbase!

  6. YES! YES! YES!

  7. Oh boi time for some breathy bois

  8. Mind you that this is the 1800’s, someone looking old in their 50’s isn’t too rare. Suddenly, Dio being Dario’s son makes sense

  9. Lot of jojo reactors recenlty, Anyways:
    Fun Fact: Danny origionally jumped out of the furnace on fire in the manga. You can guess why they censored it for TV.

  10. Yare yare…

  11. Subbed

  12. You finished my favorite anime and now you begin my second favorite anime. I feel like you are reading my mind…