goodbye jewjob


  1. It fits extremely well, Christ, perhaps too well to be a coincidence.

  2. I think this is a Jimmy Neutron reference

  3. KONO DIO DA!!!

  4. I love me some Touhou in the morning

  5. I have nothing intelligent to add to this comments section.

    I love you sour, I miss feeling you inside me.

  6. sakuya makes me moist

  7. Forbidden Scene.


  9. the involvement of Touhou excuses you for the use of an archaic jojo reference, but only this time

  10. I mean… she’s a maid to a vampire, who can stop time and attacks with knives.
    If this isn’t actually a jojo reference I don’t know what is.

  11. ”I was in the bathroom. TALISMAN DECOY, DECOY!“

  12. lol is this a jojo reference?

  13. The aztec plagerized jojo

  14. “Art for art’s sake is an empty phrase. Art for the sake of truth, art for the sake of the good and the beautiful, that is the faith I am searching for.”

    —George Sand

  15. I have yet to see a “Sakuya is DIO look at this anime clip lolololol” done well, good job.

  16. I actually really like this scene cuz of the desperation as she keeps stopping time to escape but can’t and each time she looks the other girl is closer. And the Jojo dialogue just makes it that much more dramatic.

  17. JoJo even makes these lolis manly.

  18. Do you ever feel tired of this monotony, sour? Do you feel trapped by the fandom that pressures you, binds you? A Jojo reference to keep them satiated. But are you satisfied yourself? Sour, are you okay?

  19. 1:49 rasengan

  20. Its 5:24 am here i cant answer with memes just give me that heart for the comments

  21. Wait….is this….Is this a quality video?

  22. my grandpa told me this story

  23. ¿How many memes can you throw in stopped time?

  24. Category : Autos & Vehicles – *ROADA ROLLA DA*

  25. I think the “abridged” had a JoJo reference to that scene. That video is now ancient though

  26. Translator’s note: “Kono Dio da” means “I am a blond gay vampire”.

  27. Ffs stop being autistic and saying its a JoJo rip off. The anime is just a fan dub and not canon at all. But yes it’s obviously a JoJo reference. Just not a ripoff

    Very guerto video tho

  28. Blatant Dio rip off

  29. *a r m p i t s*

  30. I seen a hentai of this.