Otaku Saga reacts to the fourth episode of Hinamatsuri!

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Backlog-chan drawn by Tianshii https://tianshii.deviantart.com/
Intro animations and music by Velosofy
Ending theme: “Firefox” by djpixxy
BGM: “Things Will Get Better” by https://soundcloud.com/cicinova


Rizzo’s “Explooooooosion!!” Mug by Lindsey M. Dillon (http://www.lindseymdillon.com)


  1. Real relieved that you’re continuing on this series. Hope you get caught up to the most recent episode, because………. can’t spoil. XD

  2. still waiting for darling and MHA

  3. Anzu is actual wife material … those who fell the farthest are definetly the brightest people

  4. the homeless part is too real…..

  5. To correct a small mistake, the girl on the island in the opening is the same girl from the very first few minutes of the first episode who you thought was Hina who is fighting all the martial artists. But if we get to that part of the series then damn they will be skipping like 100 chapters from manga since the very first scene takes place after the 3 year time skip. Well so many good scenes have already been skipped anyways.

    Like it never explained why they let Hina sleep in school, which was cause the school got taken over in a hostage situation which Nitta solved with the classes help and everyone found out she was living with Yakuza.

  6. yeeeeees next episode is gonna be even more funny!!! please watch XD