Welp. That happened. RIP my heart. I am loving J Geil’s stand though!! This is the kind of thing that gets me excited about future Stands! So clever, creative and terrifying!!

We’ll be watching this show every Saturday until we’ve caught up!

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  1. “How could I walk like an Egyptian in a time like this?” Aw Caleb

  2. And thus begin: *PolPol’s Toilet Adventures*

  3. 19:50-20:05 ok, wtf Caleb. That was impressive

  4. Enter stage right,

  5. Tarot time again! But this time, I ain’t gonna be analysing our new enemy Stands. Considering the events of this week, I’m gonna take a look at Polnareff and our dear Avdol.

    I hadn’t gone over the reverse meanings for these two as I wanted to wait until this episode, as well as wait for us to learn more about both characters. And it is at this point in the journey, that their cards are not in their favour.

    The Magician reversed represents deceit, greed, manipulation, but most importantly for this episode, a lack of communication, impending failure, and reality hitting you where it hurts with grim reminders. This is our first death of a major character in JoJo in a long, long time, and it stings. It can also suggest a controlling partner when it comes to relationships, which is sort of how Polnareff viewed Avdol in this episode. And even though The Magician supports The Chariot, it is not enough to do undo Avdol’s fate.

    On to Polnareff, and the reverse of the Chariot here becomes even more apt. It represents a lack of self-control, aggressiveness, and forcefulness. It may mean you are overreacting to a scenario and need to calm down, think things through, especially if you’ve committed yourself to a goal and are now facing a major obstacle. Those of the reversed Chariot are often lacking in control over their emotions, and may hide a deep, unhealthy grief within. They can struggle with reality, and often don’t take responsibility for their actions.

    This is where the unfortunate side effects of Avdol’s and Polnareff’s relationship comes to a head. With both reversed, not only is their a lack of communication and control, reality is coming to rear its ugly head. While the cards reinforce each other when upright, reversed it can have disastrous consequences.

    Good night, Magician.

  6. 5:48 There are in fact toilets in India with Pigs below that eat crap. Athough they are more like Outhouses/ Porta Potties so more like a wooden high rise toilet that has stairs not ceramic ones like the show. The pigs are far below and with no way to reach you. Mostly on the country side not cities Araki had a little too much fun with this scene.

  7. Damn… I could use some vanilla ice cream to cheer me up after this episode :'(

  8. THE WHOLE HORSE?!?!?!?

  9. btw, interesting fact: Araki’s original plan was for Hol Horse to be one of the Stardust Crusaders.


  11. Hol Horse is basically the enemy Polnareff.

  12. “Hey mister If you give me a tip you’ll go to heaven!”

  13. 5:05 You will soon learn that Polnareff going to the bathroom is the biggest red flag. Well, second biggest. First is a Joestar in an aircraft.

  14. Character deaths are treated very seriously and cruelly in JOJO. When a character die, he stays dead, you can’t expect a genie to jump out of a random lamp and hail to you and say he can bring him back to life.

  15. Well that’s a definitive death if ever I saw one, yessiree.

  16. “Just have DIO one shot him or something”

    You sick bastards

  17. You know, it’s funny when you think about it. Hol Horse mentions that Abdul would have been a real tough opponent against the two of them, and the next 2-3 Stands by my count are also ALL Stands that Magician’s Red would have handled trivially or at least been able to partially counteract and made it a significantly easier fight. So they basically lost Abdul at the WORST possible time, which of course is partly why it happened at all.

  18. Don’t expect everyone to survive this. Or any JoJo part. Remember since it’s a generation a part most characters either die during the part or the epilogue.

  19. I have to say they got insane understanding of tropes, their prediction can be super accurate it’s frightening, that will work for most series, but not all, I’d love to see how they tackle a show like no game no life, magi, maybe steins gate, they might predict the entire series, or they might be completely off.
    I would say gintama but their weeb level isn’t nearly high enough to appreciate that type of masterpiece yet.

  20. Yay, character death!


  22. Every time you do the ora ora thing I die a little inside

  23. What is the meaning of the mirrored numbers at around 15:13?

  24. Man i cant believe Avdol is dead… pfffft

  25. “They looked like the same stand”

  26. The Emperor – It’s also a gun

  27. 15:14 Say, what’s this?

  28. At least Abdul went out grazefully.

  29. Discussion begins around 14:53

  30. 15:13 What does “55-4-3-11-5-3-22-5-22-5-9-4-6-9-44-11-99-99 – PE/QE” mean?