Songs Used:
Song List:
Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd
Little Red Corvette – Prince
1999 – Prince
Twin Peaks Theme – Angelo Badalamenti
Who Will Stop The Rain – Asia
I Shall Be Released – The Band
Bad Company – Bad Company
Roxanne – The Police
The Rock – The Who
Echoes – Pink Floyd
Only You – Surface
Kiss of Life – Sade
Even Flow – Pearl Jam
Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys – Traffic
One – U2
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan
Round & Round – Ratt
See Emily Play – Pink Floyd
Arnold Layne – Pink Floyd
Heart Of Gold – Neil Young
China Girl – David Bowie
Killer Queen – Queen
Somebody Save Me – Cinderella
Sheer Heart Attack – Queen
Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd
End Of The Road – Boyz II Men
Lets Groove Tonight – Earth, Wind & Fire
Highway Star – Deep Purple
Speed King – Deep Purple
Rock This Town – Stray Cats
Superfly – Curtis Mayfield
Sadness – Enigma
The Flame – Cheap Trick
Another One Bites The Dust – Queen


  1. Hamon Beat has no weakness

  2. The real JoJo’s bizzare adventure diamond is unbreakable was the friends we made along the way

  3. The part with my favorite villain, 2nd fav Jojo, and 3rd or 4th fav jobro

  4. Hamon Beat keeps Made in Heavening on all of us

  5. Koichi could have easily just named his dog Roxanne…….

  6. i think Kira was a little “Under Pressure” in part

  7. So essentially it was prince with his stand pink Floyd fighting serial killer David bowie with his stand queen

  8. Killer queen 三番目の爆弾 bites the dust

  9. Can some on help me out of this time loop I keep reliving events.

  10. What do you think you’re duwang, removing and reuploading all your videos?

  11. Video duration is 9:11

    Just sayin

  12. Just a heads up for part 7, Johnny is a reference to a Boz Scaggs song named JoJo. Thats why his horse is named Slowdancer, another Boz Scaggs song. Most riders and horses in part 7 share musical references as in both songs come from the same artist.

  13. Ok… so u will start again?

  14. Should’ve use Stray Cat (song)

  15. It’s a wonder there was never a Stand called “Dance Magic Dance”

  16. Why does RHCP have that uncomfortably large cylinder in it’s pelvic region

  17. I thought you didnt want to do this to parts 4-6?

  18. Why do you reupload the vids?

  19. I don’t get the Reimi reference, what am I missing?

  20. My dude, you made a typo
    It’s reimi sugimoto, and you got sugitmoto
    Keep up the good work man

  21. Up next part 5 change again

  22. I think the part that plays during Act 2 is still the first act of the song, “Echoes”

  23. “Dude who bit a dog and vomits it’s guts into the owner’s mouth”
    “Slow soothing music”

  24. How many times can Hamon Beat delete and re-release this video before Part 5 drops? The world may never know

  25. Porque você não substituiu as imagens do mangá pelas imagens do animê?

  26. Wrong reference: speed king is jobin’s stand from jojolion, Yuya just has highway star

  27. Arnold lane wasn’t on Wish You Were Here
    Can’t remember exactly which album but it’s one of the early Floyd ones

  28. Why the reupload?

  29. 4:29 …You sure dude?