Top 10 Most OP Characters In Video Games
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OP characters in games can lead to satisfying power trips or frustrating hours of gameplay. Whether you’re on the receiving end or the one dishing it out, playing with an overpowered character definitely alters your gaming experience. So today, we’re discussing some of the more memorable OP characters we’ve encountered over the years, and how these buffed up individuals have made or broken their games. This is our list of the top 10 Most OP Characters in Video Games.

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  1. 1st is sonic for me

  2. You haven’t studied or read the background of Sonic completely have you? The Chaos Emeralds make him more broken then Arceus and when the Chaos Emeralds transform into the Super Emeralds, his Hyper Form is essentially a universe busting form that reaches the level of high multiverse strength. Game wise at least. Archie Comics is much more beyond broken.

  3. I was clickbaited by my hero who wasn’t even on the list!!!

  4. Why no HYPER SONIC.?

  5. You put sonic in the thumbnail even though no sonic character was put in

  6. Genuinely surprised you didn’t put Sonic in the list, lmao.

    Bayonetta should definitely be higher tho. And Kratos above Asura? Nah…

  7. Sonic the best OP character

  8. I’m surprised that they didn’t at Dante from Devil May Cry

  9. How tf is their no borderlands characters like Salvador

  10. I hate people’s how says I’m first it’s so dam annoying I hate it

  11. The only op characters I know in Sonic series is Shadow and silver

  12. Good vid top 10

  13. I got 1 strong character Kirby

  14. Nice to see something different other the Ron talkin about marvel this marvel that …sonic with infinity gauntlet we can all agree that its over an overpowered tool and dat no marvel character could compete with a Justice league member without it…it’s gettin a lil boring now n we wanna c somethin new how bout the mortal kombat franchise when they collided with D.C. ,Horror movies,,And kratos as well

  15. where is Boom knuckles

  16. I came here because of the thumbnail it had sonic on it so i thought sonic was gonna be in it but i got no sonic in vid whys that top 10 sonic i thought u guys love that blue hedgehog now your just using him for clickbated thumbnails…. such a shame…..

  17. I thought Danny Burke was on this channel? Thats the only reason i subscribed.

  18. Have u seen what sonic is capable of with the chaos emeralds!!??? He can warp reality, time and space as he has shown in both games and comics. Also his super and hyper forms are completely invincible and can easily defeat universe, if not multi-verse buster characters( Solaris is a good exapmle). Sure it does appear that sonic needed help from shadow and silver but really sonic fought the solaris of the present, shadow from the past and silver from the future…… ooohhh and don’t forget about enerjak and time eater

  19. 1 st is goku for me

  20. No kirby?

  21. I would’ve been angry that Dante wasn’t on the list if you didn’t but Asura.

  22. Using Sonic for Clickbait once again !!! Well done !!!

  23. And Mario isn’t the top one?

  24. Poo

  25. Kirby, Dante from Devil May Cry, Sonic, and yes even Link.

  26. 1st and I like sonic

  27. B.J. Blazkowicz always…he’s essentially the only man you need to take on the entire regime

  28. OP character?
    Also, could you please do an Undertale list?