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I have removed the most boring parts and all the adobe premiere crashes.

Total work time: +200H

Video speed x48 (x60 some parts)





(aviable in 24h)


  1. Wow they sure do take a lot of time and effort (and ofc patience)
    Huge respect for you

  2. This should show some people how this is not easy at all and it takes a reaaaaally fucking ton of time.

    ¡Sigue ahí máquina, tienes nuestro apoyo! (Premiere y Vegas, ni Satanás debe de ser tan hijo de puta como estos programas, crash in pepperoni)

  3. I stoped after 10min…
    Just watching you work stressed me way to hard
    Dude are you mad?!
    Way to awsom

  4. *brothers we’ve found the cure for cancer*

  5. (Making of) Making of Jojo’s on Crack next video?

  6. Respect ++

  7. Badass bro thanks for showing this! Love your work on s3rls videos also

  8. Holy shit! I didn’t know you create all these clips yourself OMG
    btw the making of is awesome

  9. You have my total respect …

    You are using the same music library than me XD !!!! I know all of them !

  10. dude, how haven’t you commit suicide after repeating that pen tool for every frame

  11. Holy….
    This is the reason that good things are worth to wait. Keep up great work.

  12. Juste bravo tu as fait un travail de malade, continue à faire ça que tu fait, et merci pour tes vidéos

  13. That is a hell lot of work

  14. Also The detail you put it in work is. Beyong Amazing Plus its ORIGINAL i don’t see that very much when I go watch cracks Your work gets SSS rating.


  16. A new Video. My boner reaches the mars

  17. Please never stop making videos!!!

  18. 0.25 for the gods

  19. Never nutted so hard

  20. The effort in this is soooooooooooo

    LEGENDARY man u deserve the title of

    The *BEST OF THE BEST* keep up the good work n thanks for everything

    U have done/do/will do

  21. I love you <3

  22. YAY

  23. Holy shit this looks so simple from surface but man this is some hardcore shit

  24. This For a freakin 11min vid

  25. Empece a ver crack gracias a tí y ahora solo veo los tuyos, respect CJ!

  26. Dude, you have a curated Spotify playlist or something?

  27. One more question how many ides come to your mind to make all of this ?

  28. No tendrías que pedir que te ayudaran vía Patreon, tendrías que exigir una felación por cada minuto de vídeo que editas.