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  1. I cant wait for part 4 ^^

  2. the journey was long and the scene with jotaro looking at the photo gets me everytime

  3. Part 4 hype!!!!
    Diamond is not crash!!!!!

  4. Just about to start the episode, but I’m just gonna preemptively say that Joseph’s hamon destroyed the vampiric essence from DIO’s blood as it entered his body, which is why he didn’t also become a vampire. You might have already figured this out though, so I should just shut up and watch the video lol.

  5. Ah, Joseph. He just can’t be killed. And when you think he has, he just uses it as an opportunity to mess with you.

    Part 4 HYPE. And manga hype for that matter. The only downside to the manga is the lack of awesome OPs for the finale.

  6. Part 4 is the best animated part so far, I hope you enjoy it.

  7. That group huddle gets me every. Bloody. Time. The manliest of tears were shed.
    Also, Joseph. Joseph. Buddy. Pal. For God’s sake. What’s wrong with you. You don’t go from “I AM DIO, REVIVED!” to “AL YANKOVIC” in the span of ten seconds. The backlash, man. I know that DIO just put you on an impromptu Part Four Physique Diet, but that’s no excuse.

  8. Hell yeah duwang hype

  9. And at the very end the 3 remaining crusaders go off to be the father figures in their respective parts that are coming up

  10. R O A D O – R O L L E R – D A

  11. A L – Y A N K O V I C

  12. Part 5 animation seems promising though. Even though there hasn’t been an official announcement, I saw somewhere it’s predicted to be aired around 2018~2019.

  13. maybe some trailer for part 4 reaction?

  14. I hope you have a ‘great’ one too ;3

  15. Part 4 is my favorite, but maaan I am hoping the Part 5 anime gets announced before the end of the year

  16. happy enging and all bit Jotaro is screwed he got on a plane with Joseph. that thing is going to crash

  17. Great reaction, as always. Honestly, part 5 (Vento Aureo) is not my favourite. Actually, is the one I like the least. Would still watch it if it gets animated, but I’m not super excited.
    Still, the manga is worth reading, if everything, for part 7 (Steel Ball Run), that is probably the best one along with part 2 and late part 3. Part 6 (Stone Ocean) is alright, and part 8 (Jojolion) is still going on and I only read the first couple volumes.
    But now it’s time for part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable), when things actually start going crazy. You’ll see. Cheers.

  18. Mr. DrunKen “Jojo Part III” Congratulations!
    It was a very long and very interesting reaction series.
    We are looking forward to your next work! !

  19. I hope you like even more music references in Part 4!

  20. drunken otaku, my friend, you need to react to Kaiba… is a hidden gem