On today’s HOT LIL JOJO JUNE VIDEO Fither talks about one of his favorite aspects of Jojo; how much of an unpredictable man Araki is and how his writing reflects that, for better or for worse.

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  1. Well Rolling Stones isn’t saying “Oh they were all going to die all along!” but more to emphasize the message Changing Fate is something that humans shouldn’t mettle in. As in Mista trying to save Bruno, cemented himself as Bruno’s murder while also ruining his friends lives as well. Rolling Stones is actually really good in my opinion.

  2. Reimi is best girl, your opinion doesn’t count.

  3. The other really cool thing is that each Villain loses because of their own hangups:

    DIO lost in part 1, 3 and 7 because he thought nothing of the humanity he transcended. In part 3 completely forgetting the super obvious thing he should have remembered, part 7 focusing completely on the corpse part and treating Lucy as a non factor.

    Kars/Cars lost because he needed to show off to Joseph how far his evolution took him

    Kira lost because of his tenacity, if he had just taken the L instead of going for that last Bites the Dust he would’ve been fine.

    Diavolo lost because his need to obtain the Requiem Arrow and belief he could erase any outcome that didn’t suit him led him to ignore Giorno’s growth as well as the truth of the situation that he was screwed.

    Pucchi lost because he was so obsessed with getting humanity to Heaven he ignored the little factors that he himself allowed to exist that part, both the Stand Discs he created and the fact that he allowed Emporio to live instead of killing him when he took out Jotaro or Jolyene

    Best President lost because he just couldn’t let there any possibility of him not getting the Corpse, had he just trusted Johnny he might have actually won.

  4. I’m actually quite the fan of Part 4’s ending.

  5. this is becoming a jojo channel. and im liking it

  6. “…he would later die of a cold…”

  7. I feel a better way to end part 3 would have been to simply move where DIO was punched. Like instead of his leg its his chest, so it wouldn’t make much sense Vampire wise, but it would be almost poetic, since DIO would have been killed the same way he killed one of Jotaro’s friends.

  8. Personally, I adore the ending of part 2. Mostly because Joseph went through the entire story by bullshitting his way through the pillar men. Then he proceeds to bullshit his way through Kars and I love that.

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