The children of Dio, because he wanted a bizarre adventure too.
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  2. All the enemies in JoJo
    *Dio again*
    *Dio boyfriend*
    *Dio babies*
    *Dio but he’s a dinosaur*

  3. Now I know how to say their names.

  4. *_”The Cow” One_*
    *_”The Normal” One_*
    *_”Holy Crap That is a Demon” One._*

    *_And “The Jesus” One_*

  5. Hold on Kaleb; are you saying you might make even MORE Heaven videos?
    Yes PLEASE!!!

  6. Wait. Dio wasn’t gay?

  7. Man it would of been great, to see Giorno interact with his half-brothers.

  8. I think that the kids of DIO is a beautiful concept.

  9. Hannibal Burris‘ Sade is Dio

  10. Ummmm excuse me.

  11. I am sure you still hyped about part 5 🙂

  12. Honestly I feel the whole “Children of Dio” concept in part 6 kinda ruined what made Giorno a special Jojo since he’s a combo of the main villain and main Jojo of part 1. I thought that was very clever and fit the bizarre theme but just for there ti be more like him and be lackluster in comparison kinda feels like it ruins the somewhat specialty of the Joestar Bloodline.

  13. It’s really nice seeing Stone Ocean videos. Part 6 is really underappreciated.

  14. Dio’s kids?
    More like
    Jonathan’s kids

  15. Pucci probably saw Jotaro’s memories, this is why he used knives against Jotaro and Jolyne as a tribute to DIO.

  16. Rykiel is literally the best goddamn one, and I won’t have anyone putting disrespect on his name.

  17. I actually thought you were starting a boyband from the thumbnail lmao

  18. Jojoke

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  19. As the Phrase goes: _Like Father, Like Son_ it rings true for the children of DIO.


  21. Man i thought for sure when reading part6 that weather report would turn out to be Giorno.

  22. Bruh, speaking of fate and if there’s really coincidences, I had a bites the dust moment. one day I was washing the dishes and I remember almost knocking a glass of the counter but i didn’t, I than started to wash that same glass with a slender plastic dish scrub, all of sudden, the brush just smashed through the glass, its as if was fated to happen regardless, pretty weird.

  23. Dio got around.

  24. I knew it as soon as I saw the shoes I knew it was a holes reference and Im happy Araki did this. Holes is one of my favorite books. #GodblessAraki

  25. DIOS children are so cool imo

  26. *Jonathan.

  27. I don’t see how they, or Giorno, can be Dio’s sons when they came from Jonathan’s testes, I’m pretty sure that decapitation doesn’t alter DNA. Not to mention, since none of them are damphirs, I highly doubt that there’s a supernatural or magical element to support the “Dio’s sons” claims. Where’s Maury when you need him?

  28. Cow Dio best Dio.

  29. You “gravitate” towards amino ?

  30. Rykiel>Donatello>Giorno>>>>>>>>>Ungalo