Part 5 hype bois

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  1. [spoilers]

  2. i want see the blowjob scene

  3. why you gotta do this to me i was just reading the manga

  4. nice durawangs mate

  5. O u c h

  6. Dammit, why did you have to spoil it

  7. ok

  8. Mista is truly the best JoJo

  9. spoiler alert jonathan dies

  10. Stickmaster5000 isn’t in this comment section, is he? Oh who am I kidding, he’s in every comment section.

  11. Me: *Is watching video on the meaning of life*
    *sees notification*
    *clicks on it immediately*

  12. proceeds to get shot by his own bullets in almost every fight

  13. yeah boi

  14. Vento is also an Italian word

  15. Idubbz meme fits so well

  16. Do u play roblox?

  17. Spoiler ale- and that’s how diavolo di- and the gang got a new le- and that’s why I think part 5 is tied with pa- as best parts in Jojo.


  19. Is that jotaro

  20. Vento oreo

  21. It,s a cool

  22. Shoulda don GANG GANG

  23. Is this a jojo reference?

  24. Bitch

  25. I love pokemon

  26. 100% what happened

  27. Im wait hardtale

  28. Previously In “Law And Order: Special Victims Unit”

  29. do you mean… OREO?!?!

  30. I……. don’t know what the hell is this….