JOJO JUNE 2 HAS REACHED IT’S CONCLUSION, so listen to me ramble on for a bit about how I got into the series and some of the difficulties Jojo fans had to face even a few years ago.
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  1. I guess I’m not the only one, that got into jojo and persona around the same time.

  2. It’s been a bizarre month. Some would say it was like being on a Crazy Train.

  3. Duwang is eternal.

  4. So next Rance month?

  5. please save “stardust fithaders” for jojo june 5

  6. TLDR
    I miss and appreciate how wonky some of the drawings were in the Phantom Blood.

    I’ll be that guy who say this makes me feel old. This makes me feel old dude. I read phantom blood in like 2008 or 2009. Jojo didn’t seem too bizarre until like that half way mark of the first series and there was something poetic about dio kicking the shit out of a dog and how human and Shakespeareian it was. Then it went completely insane and I was like “this is hilarious. is this really happening?” I actually stopped reading after the first arch. Well I skipped to crusades and got half way through it. I would have kept with the series but I got a sunburn on the outer rim of my anus and it was too painful to continue.

  7. I guess we could say this is left to be continued next year or something

  8. I heard about Jojo first from Joel from Vinesauce and then my sister in 2015.
    With that new found knowledge and love about Jojo, I proceeded to “force” my mom to watch the dub of Jojo. (She refuses to read subtitles in any way, shape, or form.
    I’ve never seen her so hyped watching something that is considered shonen or action. I am now hyping her for part 4 and 5.

  9. za warudo xd

  10. If we’re sharing backstories; I got into JoJo around the DiU anime because I wanted to listen to a podcast by a YouTuber I followed (ironically I got into Persona for the same reason). From there I read the manga, and loved part 5 and part 7, but not the weird filler in between the two.

  11. I think I got into JoJo in 2015 around the time that the last few episodes of Part 3 were airing. I think the thing that got me to binge the anime was seeing a clip on Tumblr or something.

    I caught up on the anime and watched Part 4 as it was airing.

    During the run of Part 4 I think I only read the Part 1 and 7 manga and caught up on 8, because at the time I was like: “yeah I’ll just wait for the animes of 4-6”, I eventually read 4 (I think) and 5. I started reading Part 6 at some point, but I got bored, put it down, and forgot to go back to it

  12. I got into JoJo back in fall 2016. The only thing I had ever seen about JoJo is a small section of the first opening so I was going in completely blind. I literally knew absolutely nothing about the series and decided to randomly watch it one night when I was bored. I was hooked on episode 1 and when I got to part 2 it hooked me to the series for good. I then blasted through part 3 and 4, but I waited a little while to read part 5 because I was expecting an anime announcement. I eventually caved in and read through part 5. I read through part 5 really slow, but that’s because I hadn’t read too many manga before that. I read through part 6 at a really consistent pace. I then blasted through part 7. I feel like I read part 7 faster than 5 and 6 despite it being longer. In October of last year I finally caught up to the manga and have been reading it on a monthly basis ever since.

  13. I got introduced due to Jojo, Aho Girl, Eromanga Sensei, and Monogatari series from memes in my experience.

  14. Jojo fridays are over once again
    I’m getting Part 4 flashbacks when it ended
    What a golden experience

  15. So is JoJo 3 confirmed or what my dude

  16. Kind of a short JoJojune tbh hehe

  17. “The newer generation doesn’t know what duwang is”
    If this happens then I dont want to live in this world

  18. *hearing the background music*

  19. I got into it when the stardust crusaders anime was nearing its climax; thankfully the invincible trio was done and I found batoto (rip, thank you mangadex) by the time I was reading the manga starting with part 1. Part 5’s comic sans translation was miserable but thankfully coloured adventure eventually saved the day and helped make part 5 one of my faves. Another fun thing is that I was able to get my dad into the series by watching the anime with him.
    Unfortunately somehow the ‘jojo reference’ meme is something people still do and upvote for some reason but it will die down someday I think

  20. Why is ” _Is this a Jojo meme_ ” thing hated around the Jojo community, is it the old fans just not happy with the surge of new fans or is there is something to it?

  21. Where does one find the good scans?

  22. i got into jojo because my friends wouldn’t stop yelling at me about it, and loved it, although i don’t care much for part 1 or 2 but three and onwards are some of the best action anime ive seen, and you know a show is good when your 10 year old brother who hates subtitles, watches it in subs on hulu because he enjoys it so much

  23. You say colored i adventure and i get pissed cause i was an idiot who never heard of it and jumped around on shady websites for part 5 and half of 7 all in black and white with real blurry text. THIS WAS LAST YEAR FROM JANUARY TO MAY. I really liked jojo even than with crappy blurry tedious translations cause i had no friends and that got me through a real crappy part of my life.

  24. I watched JoJo for the first time back in 2012 when the phantom blood anime started and for some reason i can’t remember or figure out at all i didn’t like it then i gave it another shot just before part 4 started and have been hooked since

  25. The “is this a jojo reference” meme made a lot of communities go downhill, it really was boring, and made me quit jojo for a while

  26. I first read the manga in 2016 and I read the Duwang and crappy Part 5 translations. There were better DIU translations at the time but I didn’t find out until later. Part 5 didn’t have full good translations until mid 2017.

  27. I didn’t remember Josuke drinking from a cup in the anime

  28. I actually don’t remember which one I found first. Persona was the first one i was into in which I saw my brother play Persona 3 and I decided to play Persona 4 around 2010. From then one I was hooked on the series.
    I think I found Jojo part 1 in the library one day in high school and read the first volume and all I got from it was Dio is an asshole. It was only later when Jojo 2012 that I really got into Jojo.

  29. I only had to deal with the duwang part in random chapters where the site I was on was missing the good translation

  30. I came into Jojo (anime) during the intermission between Part 3 and 4, and holy shit dude. The people I met were the edgiest, most elitist bunch I’ve seen in all my life. These are the types of people who made jobs about shootings 10 minutes after they happen, it was hell on earth.

    I should also probably reread Part 5 with the new translations now.