Happy 4th of July everyone! This video goes over the different aspects of Funny Valentine’s character and why I believe he is the best “villain” in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Don’t take the title of the video too serious everyone has their own opinion and I will respect that 💖

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  1. I would agree with that sentiment…

    But I refuse

  2. Napkin symbolism.

  3. Uploaded on the 4th of July?


  4. Dojyannnn~

  5. He is also the best pedophile, poor Susan.

  6. Funny valentine did nothing wrong except killing our favorite nyo ho man

    A.k.a gyro

  7. c-moon is still cooler than D4C

  8. The characters in this part in general are so well written imo gyro/johnny are the best duo of all time

  9. But..but Kira

  10. How topical

  11. Happy 4th of July to all of you, JoJo Maniacs!

  12. You thought it was going to be Valentine but it is Dio

  13. Why young Valentine looks like Giorno ?

  14. Valentine would be proud…

  15. But johnny was the true villain….

  16. All jojo villains, are unique in there own way.

  17. O mi gawd

  18. #FunnyDidNothingWrong

  19. Is this even a topic of contention? Who would argue that he isn’t? He does everything for the good of his country. It’s not for a selfish goal like some of the other villains in the series, and it’s to the point where not only could you sympathize with him, but you would even *agree* with him. Kinda difficult to debate that if you know what he’s about.

  20. Happy big america jesus corpse spinny ripple criple spaghetti western italiano man spinner day

  21. Because part 7 is the best part

  22. What if jotaro and gang fought petshop instead of iggy

  23. i was so ready for this video dude

  24. You asked for the chapter of when Valentine got the heart only a few days ago. This must have taken around the clock working to finish

  25. Well at least valentine didnt create wall

  26. Happy Murica Day

  27. Wrong wrong wrong

  28. Next up is “why hot pants is the best girl”