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T-Shirt Info Skip to 1:14 seconds to avoid the flashing
So I have teamed up with @KingKUMA404 to help design a T-Shirt for the channel, I hope people enjoy this design and buy it. I am new to Teespring so I don’t know how well this will go but here’s hoping for this to be successful

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  1. inb4 overused pedophile joke

  2. It’s time we stop
    Hey, what’s that sound?
    Everybody look – what’s going down?

  3. Gyro Dies.
    >Feel Ball Run.

  4. Fun fact:

    *Jotaro dies in part 6*

  5. jouta kujo for part 9

  6. Considering how much I love speedwagon, it’s a wonder why I love both Mountain Tim and Stephan steel. Can’t believe I didn’t see the similarity

  7. I miss Speedwagon so much

  8. this made me want to reread part 7

  9. After XForts made a video about false hero of SBR, Meti finally told about a real hero of the part.

  10. Meti and Xforts post a video of part 7, k

  11. Steven steel and beauty shouldn’t be in the same sentence

  12. Oof

  13. holy shit i’m early, I guess i should make a joke

    meti’s thoughts on part 6.

  14. Meti, could you please stop with the “seizure” inducing since, I have sensitive eyes, or maybe you could put a timestamp for me to skip to?

  15. IT JUST WORKS: Whitesnake

  16. Do a character analisys of judai yuki or jaden yuki in the dub please

  17. First dislike :^)

  18. I love gyro. 😀

  19. This video made me smile.

  20. Hello!

  21. Steven steele is the part 7 MVP

  22. Zippeboi is faster than made in heaven. Where was the the universe was in trouble? Huh.

  23. Kakyoin hasn’t been re-made yet because Kakyoin is perfect and can’t be improved upon


  25. Stephen Steel and Shigechi were in the same band?

  26. Happy America