Song: Rihanna – California King Bed (Music (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group & Rihanna).

I do NOT own the music used for this Musical Leitmotif. It’s just a fan project.

background (of the second 0:10):

– There are parts where the fps down and I do not know why … sony vegas things …
– I hope you like the video, I liked it.
-Now in google drive:


  1. Does Daiya Higashikata is a furry ?

  2. Yashuo better punch this bitch for stealing her salior

  3. Chapter?,sorry for asking just wanna read it

  4. Daiya is actually just Dire in JJL universe.

  5. +1 love your work

  6. Amazing video

  7. Worst girl

  8. I am a rock

  9. I still don’t underSTAND how part of her left thigh got destroyed besides the bone.