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  1. Welcome to Duwang.

  2. The art style change is because the Mangaka’s art style changes over time, so the animation studio likes to pick a style that best fits the style of the Mangaka at the time he made the manga, it’s one of the really cool things about the production of the anime. Man, I’m really looking forward to part 5, I’ve never read the manga for that part because the translations available back when I went to read it were really bad.

  3. YES! And welcome back.

  4. Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for this! You know, the whole thing with Joseph being unfaithful kinda shocked a lot of people back in the day, myself included. When you really think about it though, it… it isn’t exactly out of character for him. I mean, let’s face it, as much as so many of us love Joseph… He’s a bit of an arse. Heart of gold, sure, but still.

    Also, we finally get consistent with the Stand Names being music references! Pose on, you Crazy Diamond.

    Small side-note: I’m not too sure, but it sort of looks like you have the censored version. Granted, the censorship here isn’t NEARLY as bad as it was with Part Three, but I’d still recommend the BD version for maximum enjoyment. Shouldn’t be *too* hard to find. Might take a while though.

    Oh. And Part Five. At long last. Can’t wait to see questionable teapots, licked liars, and zippers on the big screen. Volare Via, people.

  5. Try to find the uncensored versions

  6. Yes I’m so hyped for both this and Part 5. Hopefully we can eventually watch Part 5 together! <3


  8. PART 4 HYPE!!!!

  9. There’s no better time to watch part 4 than now as part 5 will begin airing in October! Also, is this the uncensored version of part 4?

  10. I am also happy to see JOJO with Dr. Drunken!

  11. I am absolutely fueled with hype from that Part 5 stream today,it looks so damn good,this is just what i needed,hope you enjoy the ride that the city of Morioh offers 😀

  12. Nice timing

  13. HERE IT IS! The legendary part 4. With part 5 confirmed, I’m extremely excited for this.

  14. Be sure to finish it before part 5 anime

  15. The difference in art style from series to series actually reflects the evolution of the style of the original manga’s author.
    The studio that produced the anime adaptations even went as far as to make Iggy design change during part 3 to reflect how it happened in the manga. And they chose different animators and designers for the different series to better portray the changes.
    I’ve read that they are real hardcore fans of Jojo’s manga, and it shows in the attention to detail.

  16. An ever evolving art style and aesthetic is why Hirohiko Araki is probably the single most respected artist in Japan. They have entire museums dedicated to just JoJo and his other independent art projects.

    Some of his work is even featured at the Louvre in France, the biggest art museum in the world.

  17. Right as Part 5 got its first trailer

  18. Holy shit, this is exciting. Probably my favourite part imo (yes, even after reading parts 5-7).
    EDIT: Please edit out long stretches of time where you go let out your dog. We came here to watch you, not your out-of-focus wall.

  19. Alright, time for the one David Productions slapped together and rushed out so they could get to part 5!